Women Empowerment: 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women 2020. Congratulations!

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It was an inspiring three hours for me and my wonderful kids as we attended the virtual Book Launch and Gala of the 100 ABC Women 2020.
Honoured to be one of Honorees of the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women 2020 is indeed a blessing.
Thank you 100ABC Women Team. What a super virtual set up. Wow! You Sisters made it happen and I am so proud of you all.The music, photo booth and presenters, Sarah Onyango and Itah Sadu were amazing. Chatting with Donna Jones-Simones of ABC Women Team and other honourees virtuallly via the VIP room was inspiring. As for the short tributes to young women and girls, we all had a unique word of encouragement for them.
You evenhighlighted our countries or birth or origin, which means a lot to us . God bless my mother land Sierra Leone!
Thanks to my team NewLife, friends, family and naysayers. You pushed me to be a blessing to my community and beyond.
We all have a purpose to fulfill and someone is waiting for you, reading this post, to manifest your purpose. The world needs you.
Congratulations again to the other 99 Honorees!
To God be all the glory!
God bless and guide Canada Amen!