Your outfit matters!

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Your Outfit matters!
Over the years, dressing up in an African attire or outfit has been greeted with the notion of being informal. Usually, when we envisage dressing in an African attire, we only imagine wearing these outfits to a religious gathering, marriage ceremony, baby christening, family gathering etc.
However, I would want to “erase” this notion from your minds and help you appreciate the beauty of looking good in an African attire and still looking gorgeous for that business meeting or business dinner. Here at NewLife Project Inc. we work tirelessly to change the narrative and use our sewing classes to inform the public on how they can look African and still look formal. We look forward to helping people gain a better appreciation of the African culture through our outfits and attires.
Do not be deceived, because…….
• You can look African and still look formal
• You can look African and still look “Godly”
• You can look African and still look classy
• You can look African and still enjoy your vacations
Let us help you “rock” that African themed outfit to your business meeting and win some contracts together.
April event coming soon: Your outfit matters!