This objective is to provide women and youth with educational opportunities to improve their economic independence and build self-esteem while empowering them to be a catalyst for change. The organization addresses unemployment by creating self-employment opportunities through our vocational training and entrepreneurial programs which provide the beneficiaries with the necessary skills to help them launch their own small business.

NewLife Project Inc. also offers training in sewing (fashion & design), crafting, marketing, and sales. The vocational training is followed by a one-month entrepreneurship program which includes facilitating networking, mentorship, marketing, and sales opportunities to support beneficiaries to launch their own business. This program empowers women and youth which leads to a decrease in their social vulnerability. The Afro-Canadian fashion and design cultivates and enhances the richness of the Black culture and educates the community at large on the importance of diversity through exhibitions of products produced by participants. Also, our online and in-store boutique equally provides the community the necessary products for celebrating Black culture.