Welcome to Newlife Project work in Africa, where we are dedicated to making a positive impact in Africa. Our mission is to create sustainable change, uplift communities, and improve lives. Explore our journey and the transformative projects we've undertaken to build a brighter future for the people of Africa.

For the past four years in Canada, NewLife Project Inc. has been meeting the needs of at-risk women and youth in Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana through its Relief Program. Through the program, we have organized clothing, backpack, and household good drives within the Ottawa community and directed generous donations from these drives to students in Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire, and Ghana. These donations provide economically disadvantaged students with vital school supplies and resources. The Relief Program has also financially sponsored students in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Grand Lahou, Côte d’Ivoire so that they are able to pursue their education. Finally, the Relief Program has also extended financial assistance to a Women’s Rehabilitation Center in Côte d’Ivoire with the goal of supporting women regain their social and economical life. To supplement our Relief Program, we organize fundraising events such as Taste of Africa Bazaar and yard sales, as well as participate in various exhibitions around the City of Ottawa. We recognize and humbly give  our thanks to the generosity of our communities in Ottawa for their donations and support which made these initiatives possible.

Project 1: The Children of Ghana
This year, we will continue to support the immediate educational needs of children in Ghana through  our partnership with Children of Ghana. Our goal is to alleviate the hardships faced by the children of Ghana by helping to lay the foundation for their well-being, growth, and development. Through our Relief Program and partnership, we will direct regular shipments of essential items, including
school supplies and other life necessities, to communities with at-risk children.
We especially look forward to collaborating closely with Children of Ghana to ensure relief efforts are well-coordinated and responsive to the evolving needs of children on the ground. Additionally, we will be working with them to ensure compliance with local regulations, to carry out community
engagement activities, and provide transparent communication to the community. As such, the program will not only provide tangible supports, but we hope it will foster connections and relationships across borders as well.


Project 2: A Transformative Learning Centre
One of NewLife’s ultimate goals is to empower girls through quality education. However, we realize there are many barriers that prevent girls from receiving such in education, such as lack of resources or opportunities. As such, we are thrilled to announce that we have launched a project to establish a sustainable educational infrastructure in the Brookfields community in Sierra Leone. This is
especially significant as this is the location where NewLife Project was created and serves as an opportunity to give back to the community that inspired the vision for Newlife. This education center will be a secure and conducive learning environment which include classrooms, a library, a computer lab, and administrative offices. Additionally, the infrastructure will be designed to be suitable for all-weather conditions. Through this project, we aspire to provide the resources and opportunities for girls in the community to build the necessary knowledge and skills to break the cycle of poverty and contribute positively to their families and communities.