Our Board of Directors 

Our Mission & Vision 

Empowering women and youth to achieve divine accomplishment and fulfil their purpose, we are dedicated to rebuilding broken lives and facilitating total restoration. Our vision is to build a community of virtuous women and young individuals through robust support systems, fostering personal and professional growth.

Our Story

NewLife Project is a Non-Profit Organization which was founded by Brenda Williams in Freetown, Sierra Leone to reach out to underprivileged women. The project was born from an evangelical campaign in 1994 with a dedication to bringing new life to at-risk women and children. NewLife Project has touched the lives of over a thousand lives including women, men, and children in different communities in Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, and Ghana through our Vocational Training Programs, Women’s Forum, Rehabilitation Centre, organized Health Clinics, and Relief Programs. In 2014, we established a centre in Canada to help women and youth in our community. We offer a unique and dynamic set of programs that aim to develop our members so they can succeed in their personal and professional ventures. Members not only build their knowledge and skills, but they also make meaningful connections with the community.

Youth Empowerment ProgramFrench tutoring classes
We are dedicated to nurturing the potential of young individuals aged 15-21 through a transformative mentorship program. Our mission is to inspire, guide, and equip them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive personally and professionally.French tutoring classes for children and adults in the Ottawa/ Gatineau community to enhance their French literacy since Canada has two official languages.
New Life Women's WorldEntrepreneurship programRelief Program
New Life Women's World Forum is for women in North America. It is a safe place for them to discuss topics that educate and empower them to take the next steps in fulfilling their dreams.To provide comprehensive support for beneficiaries to foster gender equality and entrepreneurial culture, the entrepreneurship program provides products for women and youth to set up their home-based businesses. Also, our online and in-store boutique equally provides the community with the necessary products for celebrating Black culture.Our Youth Empowerment Program is dedicated to nurturing the potential of young individuals aged 15-21 through a transformative mentorship program. Our mission is to inspire, guide, and equip them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive personally and professionally.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower women and youth globally by:

 Providing a platform where members can participate in seminars and events to develop entrepreneurial tools and access the resources and motivation to take the next step towards economic independence through our Women’s World Forum.

Helping members achieve proficiency in English and French through our language tutoring program. Proficiency in English and French is especially vital for employment and entrepreneurial success.

 Training women and youth, especially immigrants, in designing and producing artefacts using African print fabrics through our intergenerational Sewing Classes. Participants can lean on these skills for their businesses and generate income. It is also a way for them to showcase pride in their culture.

 Providing at-risk youth with opportunities for success through our Youth Empowerment Program.

 Through the provision of opportunities and programs that offer skill and knowledge development, entrepreneurship, language education, and community connections, we help marginalized women and youth overcome their challenges and build a life of success. 

Our Partners

Over the years, we have partnered with local organizations, businesses and governments. Our collaboration has been a wonderful experience and we have been able to touch so many lives. We are grateful for the support we have received from friends, relatives and sponsors and their concern for the women and youth we support. We are also privileged to be able to support other organizations and help make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. To mention a few,

NewLife Project Inc. partnered with Employment and Social Development Canada for our vocational training providing. Our sponsors such as Afro Caribbean Business Network of Canada, World Financial Group - Tyler Shaver, and the African Canadian Association of Ottawa have also supported our French tutoring classes and entrepreneurship program. Over the years we have equally partnered internationally with Global Giving, Geneva Global, etc. Together with our partners and sponsors, we envision a world of empowered women and youth which holds numerous opportunities, meaningful lives and fulfilled dreams.

Head Office Address: 2000 Thurston Drive, Unit 5, Ottawa Ontario K1G 4K7
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