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All my life, I have lived with more women
I am the first born of three women
My very few friends are women
My mother is one of the deepest women of all women I know
and in my bid to understand my own woman and other own women
my mind cannot even begin to fathom


From birth to mature health
my mind is being molded through nature and nurture
my environment is being too deep too shallow to understand the depth of a woman
I observed,
A woman in her bid to understand her own woman,
adapts to the frivolity of the concept of the outward woman
the ‘norm’ woman,
that she works to be every own woman
at the detriment of her own woman


Lest we forget,
I cannot be every woman
to be my own woman
only in my own woman can I connect
with every woman and man alike

A woman in the likeness of God
is a human being with
experiences lacking articulation
past hurts and depression
adversaries and confusion
and object of complication
But yet a woman Underrated!

Her silence does not imply ignorance
Her tears do not imply weakness
Her well of emotions does not imply her lack of togetherness
to say even in her weakness
she can still see sadness
in the eyes of everyone around her business
to say even in her so called lack of togetherness
she can look in your eyes
and feel you enough to tell you
why those tears fall
as she pleads in her own heart
that someone looks into her own eyes
and finds her own woman!

No wonder there are more women
Every woman encompasses in her
Her Lord, Her Force, Her Man
not the physical imperfect mortal
but the spiritual perfect Immortal
who sees her and knows her
so she with draped eyes and bowed knees
can raise her face to the heavens
as tears fall from her eyes
utter her heart
and intercede for both a man and a woman,
Truth be told
Beside every successful man, a woman
Beside every successful woman, an own man!

Truth be told
Hell Hath no fury than a woman scorned
A woman with no sense of her own woman
can only resort to oppress another woman
with what she is depressed about

But even in hell, is a woman still a woman
The woman with the nurturing heart.

Charity begins at home
so the woman
with all the veins in her brains
will strive to survive.
She looks down and beholds the curvature
of her breast, behind, thighs and hips
She looks in the mirror and beholds the curvature
of her eyes and lips
And still in her bid to be every woman
sometimes conforms to the superficiality
of the perception of physical beauty
That she fails to realize her own woman
In her own woman!

Little wonder, that since a woman
can decide to heed to voices
from the depth of shallow theories
can a man sit in his narrow cubicle, frame of a mind
and Utter these words to a woman
‘You are Ugly’
But You Ugly,
Are Your words
because you fail
to capture the curvature of her mind

Little wonder, there exists not a word as ‘masculinist’
but ‘feminist’
I mean we agree to disagree to agree
that a woman is the essentiality of life itself!
She was made from the rib of a man
close to his heart
to read every beat
of her husband, son, father and brother
and still being in touch with every woman
can inherently read every beat
of her friend, daughter, mother and sister.

If a woman can speak
If she can be in her own woman and speak
can the quality of the concept of life
make more meaning
because she holds the WOMB of Man
Hence, WO-MAN.

See a woman can sometimes cry
I do not understand a man
But maybe if we search our inner own woman
and understand our own woman
can we identify every own man
rather than being objectified
by this object in our minds
OF the object of a woman
IN the object of a woman
Lest our minds sometimes get so clouded
we go find our own woman
in every own man
and at the end of every ‘Man’ failure
we still lose some more of our own woman

So you see it hurts a woman
to know that a woman
cannot sometimes find her own woman
as she struggles to be the ‘woman’
to the World!

Literally speaking
Only in my God given own woman
can i be a
Woman of God
woman to my man
mother to my little men and women
sister to my family men and women
daughter to my older men and women
Friend to my close fellow men and women
and a role model to ALL men and women

That’s why me being in my own woman
Everyday learning more about my own woman
I urge every woman
To Own Your Own Woman!

FreeVerse/Spoken Word written by Tiolu.