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NewLife Women’s World Virtual Forum

Thank you everyone especially our speakers:

Councillor Rawlson O’Neil King of Ward 13, City of Ottawa
Darlene E McGillis, Melaleuca, the Wellness Company
Ryan O Knight, Afro Caribbean Business Network

You did a great job discussing on:

-How to manage your business during the pandemic COVID 19
-How and where to access funding to sustain your business.

Thank you, Dr. Jamal Alsharif for an update on the present crisis and the advice on staying healthy as Entrepreneurs.

It was such an informative call session.

On behalf of NewLife Project Inc, thank you and remember that as Entrepreneurs you are coming out stronger and more equipped after this pandemic. We will keep you posted.

What is NewLife Women’s World forum?

The forum was created for women to have safe discussions on topics that empower them. The forum is geared towards building stronger women, stronger families, and stronger communities.
A safe space where women are given the opportunity to share their story, inspire others and given a platform to develop their self-worth and dignity.

-A space where women are free from intimidation and judgment whilst expressing themselves and at the same time drawing strength from other women;
-A space where doubts, questions, and uncertainty can find a lasting solution through answers that will end all misunderstanding and cloudy judgment about issues affecting women;
-A space where women can be motivated to dream again by pursuing their God given potentials and skills while having the guidance they need to achieve their dreams and empowerment for the task that lies ahead;
-A space for women helping women to be the best they can.