RUN WITH THE VISION: Black History Month Celebration

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Black History Month Celebration
Date: February 25 & 27, 2021
Theme: Run with the Vision!
NewLife Project Inc, a Non- Profit Organization in Canada is super excited to celebrate this year 2022 Black History Month with lots of aspirations for a better future. Our goal is to inspire, educate and empower women and youth through effective support systems such as forums, vocational training, etc.
Past and present Black phenomenal women and men have made a lot of accomplishment in the history of the Black race. They have created tremendous opportunities for present and future generations.
-How can we implement some of their visions (dreams for the Black race )in our present community, business, family, etc.?
-How can we develop their ideas to better empower the Black race in our present world?
-What are you doing as an individual to make their vision a reality?
Together we can make a difference!
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Special: Ice breaker question and answer with give away prizes.
Sale up to 50% off selected items in store and online during the month of February.
Team NewLife
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