Our goal is to train 100 women and youth

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Inspire, Educate and Empower!

We have been reaching out to women and kids with sewing classes for various purpose: home base-business, team fun time or mother and daughter bonding time, skill building. It has been a pleasure serving  you all.

The year, we will continue to inspire our participants. Our goal is to train 100 women and kids through our entrepreneurship programs (Fashion & Design) to equip beneficiaries with the necessary skills and equally to help them launch their

own small home- base business. Our objective is to provide women and youth with workshops to develop

their skills, improve their economic independence and build self-esteem while empowering them

to effect change within their communities. Our Mother and daughter sewing session creates an

opportunity for intergenerational transfer of vocational skills and wisdom.

We believe in the power of education.

Together we can make a difference

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