Celebrating Women- A Woman of purpose event ( #IWD)

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What is your purpose in life as a woman?

Are you fulfilling that purpose?

What is hindering you from taking a step towards your divine purpose in life ?

Join us for an inspiring discussion and sisterhood moment as we challenge, encourage and motivate each other. We will network and share a dish or snack from our different cultural backgrounds.

NewLife Women’s World Forum was created for women to have safe discussions on topics that empower them. The forum is geared towards building stronger women, stronger families, and stronger communities. Strength, beauty, gifts, and tenacity are unique in every woman and our goal is to channel these qualities and virtues to the right channel where they can be maximized through our forums and programs. This is a safe space where women are allowed to share their stories, inspire others and be given a platform to develop their self-worth and dignity. We encourage men to be the best they can be.

For more information check us out at https://newlifeprojectinc.org/pages/womens-world

Join our sisterhood group! We meet once a month.

Contact us:

(613) 639-7205

5-2000 Thurston Drive Ottawa

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