Black History Month: Run with the vision.

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Join us as we celebrate our Black History Month with interesting discussions on how we can " Run with the Vision" of our forefathers.
As we celebrate Black History Month, we remember all the Black phenomenal women and men who through their accomplishment have achieved so much for the Black race. I am sure you turned on the lights last night to search for a missing pair of shoes or your car keys, and saw the magnificent beam of light from the light bulb. I bet you didn’t know that the innovation used in creating longer-lasting light bulbs with a carbon filament came from African American inventor Lewis Latimer. He saw a problem and tried to fix it. What are you doing?
-Are you an agent of change?
-What are you doing as an individual to make your vision a reality?
-How can we implement some of the visions of our forefathers in our present community, business, family, etc.?
Join us as we celebrate and learn more about how to "Run with the Vision" of our Heroes and Sheroes