Appreciating Lorna Harvey

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This Special Lady, Lorna Harvey is an inspiration. She has been my secret motivator and she keeps me pushing. She works behind the scene (encourage, advise, celebrate, elevate). Thank God for your life.

In life, you need a couple of cheerleaders on your journey to fulfilling your destiny. I am so blessed to have met you. Four years ago I walked into your office and you embraced my vision. You put me to work and got me running around Ottawa to do research on how my vision will benefit the community and how it can be implemented. When I was done and I gave you the feedback saying thank you, you replied ‘Congratulations you just became an entrepreneur (NewLife Project Inc.) because you did the work. I just ordered you around to find a future solution for your vision’. Since then, you have always been there.

I salute you, dear Lorna Harvey.