Staff Members

  • Brenda Williams — Founder & President
  • Matilda J. Cole — Project Director in charge of overseas projects
  • Moise Yao Akogo — Accountant
  • Nina Aka — Director (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire)
  • Sharon Nicol — Junior Coordinator and Developer
  • Jennifer Gravel — Public Relations Director
  • Hephzibah Owolabi — Fundraiser officer

Board of Directors


  • Hephzibah Owolabi
  • Brenda Williams
  • Delores Nabibiga
  • Cecelia Thembi Silundika
  • Jennifer Gravel


  • Moira Coldridge-Taylor
  • Ephraim Dagadu
  • Henrietta Dagadu

We utilize qualified vocational training teachers, school principals, adult literacy teachers, counselors, part-time medical doctors, part-time auditors, national and overseas coordinators, and program directors to ensure the smooth running of the Project and its activities. Volunteers also assist to see that this vision is accomplished. Our dedicated staff has worked relentlessly to bring out the hidden virtues and talents in our women.