NewLife brings light through the following services:

Women’s Empowerment Forum

NewLife Women’s World is a division of NewLife Project Inc. The space is created for women to have safe discussions on topics that empowers them. Through our monthly conference call, forum meetings, we propose and discuss avenues of self-empowerment for women within the North America region. From the convenience of their homes, women from all over can join the conference line to tape into an endless source of experiences and resources from women from all various levels of social background. This space provides an avenue that builds women to take the next step in fulfilling their dreams

Clothes Drive Project 

We sponsor an ongoing Clothing, Accessory and Household Goods Drive, in partnership with the Network of Black Business & Professional Women, Bible Mission, Value Village Bank Street in Ottawa, to equip our women and children in Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana with resources for the next stages of their lives and careers. We equally reach out to shelters in the Ottawa community with gently used clothing and accessories.

Fundraiser Exhibitions

The Project has been raising funds shipment of barrels of gently used clothing and accessories to economically disadvantaged men, women and children through sale of custom made products and crafts during various exhibition programs. This has been a good outlet for marketing goods created by our sales department, NewLife Designs.

Vocational Training

Our multifaceted approach emphasizes both general and technical knowledge. We provide educational literacy training with special emphasis on English, Math, and computer skills as well as vocation-specific training in computing, African artifact arts and design (Batik/tie dye, tailoring, crafting) and home economics. Our vocational program extends from 3 months to 3 years with job placement services for graduates. We are especially committed to educating widowed and single mothers as an ever-present asset to their children.

Entrepreneurship and Marketing

We prioritize helping women establish their own businesses through our micro-business initiative and entrepreneurship seminars. Our sales department, NewLife Designs, is a product of the combined efforts of our vocational and entrepreneurial services. NewLife Designs funds our projects through sales in handmade clothing & accessories, art, and home goods. Support our shop here.

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