A nation Submerged Under Water: NewLife Project Drives Relief Efforts for Flood Victims in Sierra Leone


In a period when the nation of Sierra Leone tries to put an end to the devastating Ebola virus that left over 3 thousand dead, the month of September has seen the nation once again fighting for their lives as the heavy monsoon rain has left thousands of its habitats submerged under water. The rainfall that started over a week ago on the 16th of September took a turn for the worst as the heavy downpour of torrential rainfall resulted to the massive flooding of entry chiefdoms, villages, urban and slump dwellings across the nation. As a result, thousands of people have been rendered homeless, with very little or no government intervention to rescue the victims. People have been left without shelter, food, water, power or clothing.

As a Not-for-Profit Organization registered with Corporations Canada, NewLife Project Inc.’s primary objective is to collaborate and consult with other organizations in order to provide accurate information to the international community as well as to coordinate emergency and long-term relief (Examples: food, clothing, school supplies, literacy and health training resources, etc.) to economically disadvantaged women and children in affected crisis zones across Africa. We would like to be the conduit by which a more transparent and effective relief process can be carried out in Sierra Leone.

We are urgently seeking monetary and non-perishable donations to help the most affected victims of the floods. Your help and generosity are paramount as we embark on vital relief efforts to assist with the crisis in Sierra Leone.

God bless you.

Brenda Williams

Brenda Elizabeth Williams is the Founder and President of NewLife Project Incorporation, an international organization in Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, USA and Canada reaching out to economically disadvantaged women. Brenda holds a Bachelor of Arts in French and International Relation from the University of Sierra Leone Fourah Bay College, a BA in French to English translation from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Brenda is passionate about reaching out to women in need and developing their lives. Making a difference with an agape love. She currently organizes NewLife Women’s World, a conference call discussion for North America every last Saturday of the month. It is a discussion on various subjects affecting the lives of women.

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