NewLife Women’s Resource Centre

A Centre for Excellence in Health Provision and Vocational Training

The NewLife Women’s Resource Centre (NLWRC) has been established to fill the vacuum in providing holistic clinical service of excellence to women while empowering them to be champions in their communities through the development of a vocational and skills training. Our target clientele include but is not limited to women caught in sex trafficking, those vulnerable acquiring HIV/AIDS and those in abusive situations.

We have established ourselves as a centre that is run by women for women ensuring the safety of women who are faced with domestic or sexual assault at the hands of men in a culturally acceptable manner. In Africa, reproductive health is a topic that is still a taboo and women tend to open up to other women. It is from this point that we want to ensure and encourage women to access all areas of reproductive health services to ensure that issues such as cervical cancer, pap smears, family planning and HIV prevention are addressed.

The NewLife Women’s Resource Centre is a judgement free zone were women are provided safety and are free from harm while receiving a much needed support in re-establishing a holistic balance to their lives. NLWEC supports its women to bring them into balance with their mental, physical and social wellbeing through the use of medical and naturopathic medicines. Some of our other engagement in our holistic approach includes programs in support of food and clothes drive; skills development in the form of vocational training and professional development in subjects like Tie and dye, Culinary, Entrepreneurship to name a few; has also partnered with international organizations for knowledge transfer and exchange to ensure that the latest model of care and training is adopted.

We accept volunteers from universities, international hospitals as well as social workers from all over the world. Our partnerships also include sourcing medicines as well as clinical equipment to aid in the provision of excellent reproductive health check-ups.

The outcome of providing such a service to women in marginalized communities include reduced incidences of cervical cancer, HIV transmissions as well as higher numbers of women equipped with skills for social integration as well as entrepreneurial development.

Our aim is to be premier women’s resource center in Africa fully staffed by women for women who have no means to access excellent healthcare and skill building. As such we remain client-focused, culturally and gender sensitive. Starting from Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone our goal is to develop the lives of women.

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